- Bentley PowerMap 2004 Edition FAQ

What is Bentley PowerMap?

Bentley PowerMap is a GeoEngineering specific application that contains tools for mapping, data collection, editing, clean up and analysis tools. Bentley PowerMap allows direct design file editing including 3d editing. There are no redline files created. PowerMap adds GeoGraphics enhanced tools for mapping capabilities including the Geospatial Administrator which allows you to leverage XFM (XML based feature modeling). Querying of Oracle spatial data as well as GeoGraphics supported database connectivity is supported.

What differences exist between Bentley PowerMap 2004 Edition and MicroStation GeoGraphics 2004 edition?

As the PowerMap product has matured, functional limitations (as compared to GeoGraphics) have been removed. Current releases of PowerMap 2004 are limited only with respect to underlying PowerDraft v. MicroStation limitations, e.g. Native code applications for the Power products must have a BDN password in order to build successfully, etc.

What is the license file name for Bentley PowerMap?

The license file name is powermap.lic and it should be placed in ..\Bentley\program\licensing directory.

What databases are supported with MicroStation GeoGraphics 8.1?

The following databases may be used:

Oracle9i Database Release 2 ( Enterprise Edition or Standard Edition
Oracle9i Database Release 1 (9.0.1) Enterprise Edition or Standard Edition
Oracle Locator (Oracle 9i)
Oracle8i Database Release 3 (8.1.7) Enterprise Edition (Consult MicroStation GeoGraphics Readme, Requirements section to determine if patches obtained from Oracle are required.)
Microsoft Access (via ODBC, OLEDB)
Microsoft SQL Server (via ODBC, OLEDB)
Oracle 8i, Oracle 9i (via ODBC, OLEDB)

No Oracle Spatial functionality is available via an ODBC connection to Oracle. For further information on connecting to a database via OLEDB, refer to TechNote 8255: OLE DB 

Can I use SELECTserver licensing with PowerMap?

Yes. Both SELECTserver and node-locked licensing is available.

I am looking for the locks and preference settings for the Coordinate System tools and PowerMap. Where are they located?

The locks and preferences have been moved into the Workspace > Preferences dialog under the categories PowerMap, ProjectWise Links, Projection Readout, Projection Transform and Topology.

Are there any sample applications I can use that demonstrate the functionality of Bentley's SDODGN API?

The SPATIALVIEWER application is now delivered with PowerMap in the ..\Bentley\Program\PowerMap\jmdl\examples\sdodgn\viewer directory. This example application provides a graphical interface for posting and querying spatial geometry's utilizing Bentley's SDOAPI technology. Documentation on the SDODGN Package may be found in the PowerMap's program group, under the Documentation folder.

How do I run the SPATIALVIEWER application?

PowerMap comes already configured to run the SPATIALVIEWER application. Open a PowerMap keyin window and type the following, exactly as written:

java com.bentley.sdodgn.spatialviewer.SpatialViewer

When I start PowerMap, I don't see any of the PowerMap tools. Where are they?

Navigate to Tools > PowerMap to display the main PowerMap toolbar. The Coordinate System tools can be found under Tools > Coordinate System. Coordinate System settings can be found under Settings > Coordinate System Settings.

I'd like to import an ESRI SHP, E00 or MapInfo MIF file. Can I accomplish this with PowerMap?

Yes. You may import the graphics and database attributes from these formats. Note that for ArcInfo export files, they must be created in an uncompressed E00 format.

What other ESRI interoperability features are available with Bentley PowerMap?

Both MXD and SHP files can be attached to a design file through the new ArcGis referencing capability included in Raster Manager. This was developed using ESRI's Arc Objects library version 8.3 and requires an installation of ArcGis on the client machine (i.e the same computer as the Bentley PowerMap install). The ESRI ArcGis software must be properly licensed.

I am attempting to attach an ESRI shp or MXD file and receive the message "unable to open file". Why?

This is typically caused by the ArcGis software not having a valid license. Ensure that the ArcGis software is running in a licensed mode on the client machine.

I am receiving the message "Unable to connect to database" when I open my PowerMap spatial project. What am I doing wrong?

One of the most common reasons for this message when connecting to an Oracle Spatial project is that the SDOAPI zip file is missing. Check your Oracle directory for sdoapi.zip. The Oracle Spatial Java Class Library version 1.0.1 SDOAPI zip file must be downloaded from the Oracle web site . Refer to the PowerMap Readme, Requirements section for more information.

Are there any considerations when upgrading to a newer version of Oracle?

Yes. When you install PowerMap, you are asked whether you want to use Oracle 8i or 9i files and the correct database files are installed. The path to the Oracle client files is stored in the configuration variable MS_ORACLE_HOME. If it becomes necessary after PowerMap has been installed, to change the version of Oracle, you must modify MS_ORACLE_HOME in the ..\Bentley\Program\PowerDraft\config\appl\sdodgn.cfg file.

How can I check out a license from SELECTserver?

Bentley PowerMap 8.1.1 will include the standard MicroStation Utilities > License Check Out/In menu item. For previous releases the following keyin can be used to load the Check Out/In functionality.