- Import text strings from point SHP properties

This article presents two solutions for importing the properties from point SHP as text features.

Solution 1 - With a Bentley Map Project

- Define a text point feature in your Bentley Map schema.

- In the Symbology node, add a PBA (Expression) key where the Value is set to the property name being imported.  If this is not included in the feature definition, the text will be imported as a zero-length line element.

- Map the SHP to the text feature.

- Map the SHP property to the feature property defined in the schema.

- Import the SHP file.

The resulting features will be imported as native text features.

Solution 2 - Without a Bentley Map Project

If you're not using a Bentley Map project, or don't care to define a text feature, use the following workflow.

-  Set the Point Type to Text in the Feature Parameters pane.

-  In the Text Symbology pane, set the PBA Expression to the SHP property.