- Assign attributes when importing Shapefiles

On occasion, the shapefile you're importing has attributes with different names than those defined in your project schema. For example, the Roads.shp file may contain the following attributes:

  And your task is to import them as Street features that has the following attributes:

In this example, the following attributes from the incoming Road feature need to be remapped to specific attributes in the Street feature.


NAME  >  Name

TYPE  >  StrType

STREET  >  FullName

SPEED  >  RevSpeed

The following describes the workflow to achieve this.

From the Map Interoperability dialog, and the Imports tab, create a new import for the Shapefile.

In the Feature Parameters panel, select the destination feature name from the Mapped Name pick list.  Note that only those features from your schema that have the same geometry type will be listed.

Reveal the properties of incoming shapefile by selecting Show Properties from the feature right-click menu.  They will be shown in alphabetical order.

To remap the property, navigate to Property Parameters and choose the new property from the list in the Mapped Name field.  The properties shown in the pick list are those defined for the feature in your project schema.

Import your data.

The values of mapped properties are inserted, while the others will be left blank.  They can be filled in later using the Data Browser or the Edit Feature tool.

The newly imported features will adopt the symbology of the feature definition in your schema.