- File Geodatabase and Custom Coordinate Systems

Problem: You receive a File geodatabase from your client but the connection in Bentley Map does not show any Layers.

The capability exists in most GIS applications to define a Custom Coordinate System, relative to a local survey or ground-control system. The custom coordinate system which works well in one application may not be suitable for use, or supported in another application. In that case, the Custom Coordinate System must be changed to a standard system, typically available in a library, so that it is useable in other applications.

Resolution: Set the Spatial Reference in ArcCatalog to a standard coordinate system so that it will be visible in MicroStation as a valid coordinate system.

The ArcMap layer is defined with a Custom coordinate system.

To be used in other applications, the Custom coordinate system for each ArcMap layer is should be redefined with a standard coordinate system.

Once the ArcMap layer is defined with a standard coordinate system, it can be seen in other applications such as Bentley Map, as-shown here.

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