02w. "Thermal Transient Analysis" (TTA) - AutoPIPE Load Case

Comments, Questions, and Answers about AutoPIPE TTA Analysis:

Item #1: What steps are required to perform a Thermal Transient Analysis (TTA) in AutoPIPE?

Item #2: When AutoPIPE calculated the gradient does it uses TTA Pipe & Insulation at room temperature?

Item #3: Would you please explain to me what is the difference between ambient and room temperature?

Item #4: What is the correct ambient temp for use with TTA analysis in AutoPIPE?

Item #5: How good are the results from TTA?

Item #6: Is the through wall gradient analysis output (delta T1, delta T2, Ta and Tb) automatically accounted for in the flange design in AUTOPIPE?

Item #7: Can a technical justification be provided for ignoring Delta T2 variation whenever the maximum linear temp variation is negative? 

Item #8: Can AutoPIPE TTA be used to analyze a Pipeline carrying steam?

Item #9: Manually create and import a .TTP (Thermal Transient Profile) file


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