"Program failed to generate SQlite Database..." message appears in AutoPIPE

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Sept. 2018


The following message appears when exporting a WORD report from AutoPIPE

Bentley AutoPIPE
Program failed to generate SQLite Database

Why and how to avoid it?


Test to be sure that the program is running correctly, Perform the following:

1. Open Example model Walkthru.dat. [File> Example> Archive (*.APC)>]

2. Save file to a new folder on your desktop.

3. Analyze the model.

4. Select File> Export> SQLite database (.db)

5. A dialog should appear, enable both Input, Output, and "Open in Bentley SQLite report manger" options only. Press OK.

6. This action will create a database file in your folder on the desktop and open the report manager.

7. After the report manager opens, select the Input or Output Reports tab, move as many sub-reports from the left column to the right column and now press the green lighting bolt to generate the report. In just a few moments the report viewer will automatically appear displaying your report

8. Open the folder where the model was stored, there should be 2 new files,


b. WALKTHRU_SupportReport.xlsx


First try to recreate the output report again. If the error message appears again, after 3 tries confirm the following:

1. Check that the path name and file name does not contain non-ascii character. Try saving the model as Test.dat to a new folder on the desktop, run an analysis, and create a complete report.

2. Review all component tag fields and Attachment ID fields, nothing can be start with a quote (1116320), example "B" OUTLET NOZZLE, suggested change OUTLET NOZZLE "B".

3. There may be one or more sub-reports having an issue, perform the following:

a. Analyze the model

b. Create a model input listing report. move only one report from the Available column on the left to the Selected Reports column on the right. and Press OK. 

c. Regardless of the report being created or not, open the Model Input listing report dialog again, remove the report from the right column and add the next report from the left column to the right. Again press OK to try and create a report.

d. Repeat step above for all available reports. and document reports that were unsuccessful created (ex. Anchor).

e. Knowing which report(s) were not created, remove all of those components from the model (ex. If Anchor report was not created, delete all anchors from the model)

f. After deleting all components, try and re-run the analysis and create again a complete model input listing. 

g. Try to reinsert the deleted components into the model, re-run the analysis, and create again a complete model input listing. 

4. Computer Virus protection program has AutoPIPE listed as an authorized application or exception.

5. If using AutoPIPE CONNECT v11.04.xx.xx, confirm decimal character was set to a "." dot, program will display message above where decimal character was set to "," or " ' ". Avoidance, change decimal character to a " . " (dot). For instructions to do this, google "change region decimal character" . 

6. You may try to "run the application as an Admin" by right clicking on AutoPIPE icon to start the program, select Properties, and select " Run as Admin". Try the steps above.

7. Reboot the computer and try again. 

Note: If the the message above appears, try again to generate a report. IF the problem continues, log a Bentley Service Request and send in your model APC file for review. 

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