Why are all Dynamic results +ve (Positive) in AutoPIPE, how to get -ve (Negative)Dynamic results?

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March. 2017


Why results for following load-cases are always +ve :

how to get -ve (Negative) results? 


In short, in order to run a Dynamic Analysis one must first obtain the result from a Model Analysis. Note that calculated values from modal analysis are all +ve. Therefore the results for all dynamic analysis are +ve. 

See AutoPIPE help 

Help > Contents> Contents Tab> Reference Information> Results Interpretation> Dynamic Support Forces Results

Note: be sure to read the entire help page for clear understanding. 

After reading the help reference above, to include a -ve (negative) dynamic load case (ex. SAM), create a user combination and set the scale factor to -1.00, as shown below.

Create additional User Code / Non Code combinations as needed to consider the -ve direction of dynamic load cases.

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