Behobene Probleme in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 3,

 Version(s):CONNECT Update 3,


Behobene Probleme in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 3,

Dies ist eine Liste der gelösten Probleme für MicroStation CONNECT Update Edition 3,

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Defekt NummerBeschreibung
278368Resolved issue importing specific Land XML file.
338780Resolved MicroStation crashes using re-associate dimension tool while element have been selected.
349309Resolved a specific error when opening specific dwg files.
389575Resolved issue where user cannot change and save Ref level symbology from Level Manager.
478781Configuration variable values are trimmed at $ character.
489722Resolved issue with zoom into Adobe PDF and shifts.
491414Resolved issue with Match text attributes error in references.
527097Unspecified error displays when trying to update parametric cell definition after grouping cell instances.
527141Resolved Swiss GCS, transforming goes wrong for some elements.
527144The icons for Multi-snap 1, 2 ,3 do not display in the message field.
527277Resolved Multiline style does not update from dgn library.
527282Resolved specific issue with Create Region tool using Flood option which resulted in incorrect regions created.
527283Resolved specific case where "Create" cell bottom becomes grey out.
527285Resolved create cell button is disable when using define origin first and selecting elements after.
527401Resolved issue with terrain model import landxml keyin.
527403Resolved error when opening a specific DGN file.
527409Resolved printing animation to 3D PDF results in object being disconnected.
527427Resolved false warning of Geometry exceeding SWA withTrim Solids Tool.
527793Resolved digital signature fields are in the wrong location when a 3D reference file is attached to a 2D active.
527808PDF Boundaries are not created properly from 2D master with 3D references with Transform.
527816When Drawing Boundary is used, a "Print as 3D" (U3D) reference fails to rotate dynamically in Adobe Acrobat/Reader.
527950Resolved Items with a 'Property Definition' name that contains spaces changes to ‘_WIP_CUSTOM_PROPERTY_’.
527972Resolved error with copy/move parallel tool using options: Use active Attributes and make a copy.
528029Resolved patternmap issue that wont wrap on solid elements properly if Units is Master and mapping = Cubic.
528181Provide way to set custom ribbon group icon.
528187Resolved shortcut when French (France) windows keyboard not working for "1" key.
534674Resolved error with MicroStation while referencing specific Rhino files.
535191Resolved issue with incomplete import of specific STEP files.
560891Resolved Microstation error when importing specific RFA file.

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