01. Reports - Results Interpretation in AutoPIPE

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This appendix explains how to interpret AutoPIPE's output report results. The coordinate systems used for the results presentation are particularly important, and are listed first. The output sign conventions for the different result types are then described.

     a- Coordinate Systems

     b- Total vs. Incremental Loading

     c- Pipe Displacements 

     d- Pipe Forces and Moments: Global Option 

     e- Anchor Forces 

     f- Support Forces: Hangers and V-stops 

     g- Support Deformations: Hangers and V-stops without Gaps 

     h- V-stops with Gaps and Friction 

     i- Hangers and V-Stops with Imposed Displacement 

     j- Two-Point Hangers and V-Stops 

     k- Straight Pipe Forces and Moments: Local Option 

     m- Support Forces for Guides and Line Stops without Gaps 

     n- Support Forces: Guides & Line Stops with Gaps & Friction

     o- Two-Point Guides and Line Stops

     p- Curved Pipe Forces and Moments: Local Option 

     q- Support Forces for Skewed Supports 

     r- Support Forces for Tie/Link Restraints 

     s- Beam Member Forces 

     t- Dynamic Support Forces

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