04a. Modeling Seimic Analysis - AutoPIPE

Seismic Analysis with AutoPIPE:

There are 4 different types of seismic analysis which can be performed.

  1. Simplified Static seismic analysis … up to 10 cases (ie. E1..E10). Furthermore, user can add additional Member & Point Static Earthquake Factors (Insert> Xtra Data>) which can be applied across any section of piping to simulate different seismic g at different building floors or supported structures

  2. Response spectrum analysis applied to complete piping system (Load> Dynamic Analysis> Response Spectrum tab.

  3. Multiple support response spectrum analysis or independent support motion is  more accurate analysis and common in nuclear piping design. This will capture response of independent spectrums e.g. at ground and different floor levels applied to groups of pipe supports supported on these levels. See tutorial AutoPIPE_MSRS_Example1.pdf.

  4. Time history analysis with ground motion option turned on (Load> Dynamic> Time History Tab> Ground motion enabled).

Note: see AutoPIPE's online help for details on each of the items mentioned above. 

Item #1Are  seismic loads according to the EN 1998 codes ?

Item #2Can we apply a 3-dimensional earthquake combination?

Item #3: Model Response Spectrum on nuclear containment that is filled with water

Item #4: Evaluate the impacts of the SAM combined with dynamic analysis

Item #5: Enter seismic displacements of structure

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