15. Drawing Customization - How to increase the dimension size or font size using AutoPIPE Vessel

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May 2018


How to increase the dimension size or font size?


About Text Font in the 2D drawing.



About Text Size

Menu “Execute”

Menu “Manage Customization File…”


Hit the button “Set Drawing layout and move to production”


Menu “File”

Menu “Open”

Select “Vueaux.emav”

Select a view (Here the “FI” view)


Menu “View characteristics”


You can change the text size for all texts and dimensions in this view

Menu “File”

Menu “Save”                    

Using AutoPIPE Vessel v.

With this version and lower, one cannot not modify the dimension size or font size. This option will be included in a next release of AutoPIPE Vessel.

Steps for using Microstation:

Start AutoPIPE Vessel

                Menu “Execute”

                                Menu “Manage Customization Files…”

                                                Set the button “Set Drawing layout and move to production”       (Run View manager)

Start View manager

                Menu “File”

                                Menu “Open” “Vueaux.emav”

                Select “Pressure vessel”

                Select “Horizontal”

                Select “1 chamber”

                Select Format “A0”

                Select Sheet “1”

                Select the view “WE”

Menu “View characteristics”


Double the text size and the dimension space


Hit the button “OK”

Menu “File"

Menu “Save” “Vueaux.emav”

Start AutoPIPE Vessel


After modifications  ( All dimension and text sizes have been doubled )

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