07. Model imported from HTRI suggest tubesheet has 360 tubes, however AutoPIPE Vessel suggest only 3

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Product(s):AutoPIPE Vessel
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June 2018


Model from HTRI suggested 360 tubes but in AutoPIPE Vessel only models 332 tubes. why the difference


The initial tube layout has been imported from HTRI. However, in this case, there were several errors in the HTRI model. It is not possible to get 360 tubes. In removing inconsistent data, there are 166 tubes in the first pass, so the total number of Tubes is: 2*166 = 332 (U-Tube ==> symmetry).

When clicking on Compute button, several tubes are removed to fix the issues. The OTL and SID are not changed, only the number of tubes was corrected. Initial Tube Layout (as per model provided by user):

Tube layout designed by APV (Compute Button). All errors have been fixed and the number of tube is consistent.

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