06. How to Add a BOM to a Drawing?

Follow the steps below to add Bill of Material (BOM) table to the drawing:

1. Open and Run the view manager:

2. Open vueaux.emav and make the changes

The 'Vueaux' file location is as follows:

Select the correct type and format

Remove an existing Block to create a free space

Add the BOM Block and place it

Select the item eg. '0018 = BOME01 +bom.xls' with left mouse button and click on the desired space on the drawing sheet and release it by clicking once more:

Save and Close the 'Vueaux' file:

3. Create the drawing (.dgn)

4. Create the excel spreadsheet:

The Excel file is created

  1. Add the table in the drawing

6. Run DGN viewer


There is also a tutorial in the Help:


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