04. How to Install and License AutoPIPE Vessel 33.02.xx.xx

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Product(s):AutoPIPE Vessel,
Version(s):2004, XM, & V8i
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How do I download, install, and license AutoPIPE Vessel 33.02.xx.xx  on Win 7



1. the the following procedure is essential the same for all versions of  AutoPIPE Vessel v33.02.xx.xx with minor changes in file names. 

2. Please review AutoPIPE Vessel Readme file for authorized Operating Systems that AutoPIPE Vessel has been tested and successfully operates on:

Current version:
Tested Operating System :

Windows Vista
Windows Vista x64
Windows 7
Windows 7 x64

Installing the application to an OS that is NOT listed in the Read Me file (ex. Citrix) of the respective version will be at your own risk. If you encounter installation issues, our development team will try to help, but not be able to resolve all the issues. Recommend to log a Service request.


Click link here: Download AutoPIPE Vessel Software

Install AutoPIPE Vessel V8i 33.02.xx.xx

Note: contact your IT department to be sure that there is no user restrictions for installing software on your computer system. If so, request IT assistance.

The Following procedures assumes:

    1. Select Server XM has been install and configured, If not please contact the license group to assist you.
    2. Person is logged into the computer has full Administration rights.
    3. Installing on Window 7.
    4. Install AutoPIPE Vessel V8i while accepting all the default settings.
    5. Prefer that the application is not installed over a network connection; suggest that the EXE file is on the users system before starting the installation. 
    6. All previous versions of AutoPIPE vessel have been removed from the computer prior to this installation. Anotherwords, completely uninstall all previous versions of AutoPIPE Vessel before proceeding.

1. Navigate to the apvs33020006en.EXE, apvs33020108en.EXE, or apvs33020en.EXE, file downloaded using the procedure above.

2. Double click on on the *.EXE to start the installation process. 

The following are typical screen shots and responses for a default installation:


Set-up License

There are two methods for License activation: automatically with the Product Activation Wizard, or manually using License Management Tool. 

Method #1: Automatically with the Product Activation Wizard

The following screen is automatically displayed after AutoPIPE Vessel is installed:

 1. Choose the correct Setting and press Next

2. Enter the correct Site Activation Key and press the Test Connection button, the Sever and Activation key should be verified, before continuing.

NOTE: If you do not see Activation screen is verified contact Bentley Licensing department for assistance. 

3. Select a country and Press the Next button

4. Verify the settings are correct and press the Finish Button:

5. If all they settings were correct the following is displayed:

Ultimately the following is displayed:

You are now finished with AutoPIPE Vessel install !!!

Review Licensing before starting the program for the first time

Select Start> Bentley Engineering> AutoPIPE Vessel> License Management Tool>

Look at the column next to the version of AutoPIPE trying to license, see the following image:


Is the value = 0 ?

If the value is = 0, then you cannot use this version of AutoPIPE Vessel as it does not have a valid license.

You may consider increasing your pooled license, contact your Bentley Account Manager for options and pricing, Or Contact Bentley license team to help locate the user who has the license checked out.

Is the value >0 ?

If the Value is greater than 0, therefore a license is available for the application.

If AutoPIPE Vessel is not listed:

When looking at the listing on your computer the application, AutoPIPE Vessel, is not listed as shown above. Use one or more of the following to resolve:

a. Select Tools> Options> Confirm the Server name and Site activation keys are correct. If not, correct as needed and refresh the listing

Hosted server name = selectserver.bentley.com

Activation Key = (contact Bentley License team to verify)

b.  Select Tools> Options> Press the test connection button, the following should appear

SELECTserver and Activation Key verified.

if not, then your computer is not connecting to the server location, check the server name and activation key again or Internet connection may be down.

c. Contact the onsite Bentley Administrator to check if there is any check out restrictions for that user and / or application on the select server.

Start the Program - AutoPIPE Vessel

Start the program by selecting the desktop Icon, or by selecting:

Start Button> Program> Bentley Engineering> AutoPIPE Vessel > AutoPIPE Vessel.

If everything was correctly installed and licensed the following should be displayed, select a valid license option per the available licenses indicated above and press OK button to use the program:

Contact Bentley License Team

If your application is not licensed correctly due to License Management Tool issues, please contact the Bentley License department to verify your account status. 


1. If revert to demo,

    1. Verify license is correctly displayed in LMT.

      Note, in LMT press F5 to refresh the listing.

    2. Verify the internet connection and server connection.

    3. Verify Select Server XM Dashboard Settings (i.e. Application restrictions, user restrictions, etc...) http://selectserver.bentley.com/bss/admin/

2. The following is displayed:

Answer: The program is in Demo Mode, correctly license the application. From within AutoPIPE Vessel select File> License Settings> choose a radio button that allows the use of the function trying to analyze under.

3. The following is displayed when running application:

Answer: The problem is that you do not have the correct license available to use this feature of the program. 

From within AutoPIPE Vessel select File> License Settings> choose a radio button that allows the use of the function trying to analyze under.

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