03. How to Modify Stress Isometric Table length as not to exceed the border area when using OPIM in

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June 2020


What to do when the Stress ISOmetric table of data over runs the border?

How to modify an Drawing border A4 to not overflow ?


Adjust the following setting.

1. Open AutoPIPE and start to create a stress isometric drawing. When the AutoPIPE Isometric Manager Options dialog opens, press the Settings button. What is the name of the Drawing Size set too?

(ex. European A4)

2. Next, open Profile Preference dialog and press on the "User Profile Path", Explore button

3. Locate a file named "Stressiso.ini", and open it in any text editor (i.e. Notepad ++, Ultra Edit, MS Word, etc..).

4. Search the file for "DrawingFrame", (approximately line 91)

5. Which Stress Isometric border was located in Step #1 above (ex. European A4). Locate the abbreviated name in the Stressiso.INI file. (ex. A4BORD, line 98) 

6. The value represents the total number of lines allowed in a single vertical column. Reduce the number as needed. 

7. Save the file and recreate another stress isometric drawing.

Note: Repeat Steps 3-7 as needed until the table information does not exceed the border area.

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