02. How to confirm that GR load is being analyzed and if it considers Pipe weight and/or Contents?

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Version(s):2004, XM, V8i, CONNECT;
Area: Load case
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Apr. 2016


How to confirm that GR load is being analyzed and if it considers Pipe weight and/or Contents.


The pipe weight and contents calculations are based on the Density and Specific Gravity settings on each PipeID Pipe Properties dialog. 

The same information can be found on the Pipe Properties tab of the input grids. 

Use the following settings to apply or remove from the Gravity calculation:

Step #1: Confirm Analysis Set is being analyzed and that the Density factor is correct for the analysis set. 

See AutoPIPE help for details on these settings

Step #2: Confirm Analysis set Load case settings:

Select an analysis set and press the Modify button to open the  "Static Analysis Load Case dialog" confirm Gravity load case and Contents settings are correct for analysis set:


Note: If the check boxes are enabled then the feature is being considered in the analysis. If the check boxes are blank, then the features are NOT being considered in the analysis. 

Step #3: Review Model input listing COG sub-report

Select under Tools> Model Input listing> unselect all sub reports and only enable the "Center of Gravity" sub-report, press OK button. 

A report will appear with details about all the calculations that go into determining the COG for a given model including details about the weight considered in the analysis. 

Example Report:

Step #4: Confirm Both Code and Non-Code combinations

Under Tools> Combinations> Review the combination tabs to be sure that Gravity load case are present and are being printed. 

Example Code Comb tab:

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