08. AutoPIPE Stress Isometric customization - Modify drawing area on the border file

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Area: Stress Isometric
Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group
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Feb. 2016


How to modify drawing area on the border file on an AutoPIPE Stress Isometric using OPIM?


This feature is related to border file. In order to modify drawing area you have to perform following steps.

1. In AutoPIPE launch Openplant Isometric Manager from menu “File > Launch Openplant Isometric Manager”

2. Open any border file you want to modify

AutoPIPE CONNECT 10.01 and higher

Choose to make modifications at the Program level or the Profile Preference level.

Modifications made at the Program Level typically requires IT assistance in suspending or providing special read / write permissions to any file located in the installation folder path-name (ex. C:\Program Files...). If for some reason the Profile Preferences must be reset, the files will be copied from the Program level installation folder to the Profile Preference folders. If Program level files become corrupted then the program will need to be uninstalled and reinstalled. In addition, recommend to first backup all Profile Preferences files and then to reset. Note, when AutoPIPE is actually running, files are read from the Profile Preferences level folder.  

“[Installation Directory]\isoextractor\Borders”



ex. select DGN\A0BORD.DGN

Modifications made at the Profile Preference level can be performed without special permission and only affects that user's profile. In addition, if for any reason the files at this level needs to be reset, it is easily accomplished without having to uninstall and reinstall the application by using the Reset defaults on the Profile Preference dialog.

c:\programdata\bentley\autopipe connect \isoextractor\borders



AutoPIPE CONNECT 09.06 and lower

By default border files are stored:

“[Installation Directory]\isoextractor\Borders”



3. Click on IsoExtractor>Set Isometric Window extent

4. Then you can see dialog “Set Isometric Window Area”. Press change button

5. Define desired drawing area through mouse drag and click close.

6. Close OpenPlant Isometrics Manager

7. Make sure to use the same border during export to Stress Isometric using AutoPIPE.

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