"Confirm" Messages displayed in AutoPIPE

FAQ's about Confirm Messages in AutoPIPE 

  1. Code / Non-code combinations with unanalyzed load cases were found?

  2. Current model revision does not match analysis result(s) below

  3. Import process aborted. Review error messages

  4. Import Process successful. Review Warning message

  5. Large coordinates >1.0E+6 are detected in the PCF file

  6. No range has been selected. Do you want to export the complete model?

  7. Renumber does not affect external files. Are you sure you want to continue?

  8. The load case did not converge. Do you wish to continue iterating?

  9. The model you are about to open was last modified in a newer version of the product

  10. This model may be affected by a previous program defect

  11. Unable to update model "name" data files on the disk

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