01. Our hand calculations do not match AutoPIPE Calculations. What should we do?

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Version(s):2004, XM, & V8i
Area: Results
Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group


Our hand calculations do not match AutoPIPE Calculations. What should we do?


AutoPIPE QA manual states that AutoPIPE results should be within 2% of hand calculations.

What calculations are you using? (Please see the following AutoPIPE help section: Help > Contents> Contents Tab> Reference Information> Code Compliance Calculations> )

Have you considered all of the AutoPIPE's limitations and assumptions when performing your calculations? (see online help for all limitations and assumptions)

Are you sure of the wall thickness, if results are Local / global, etc.. Recommend reviewing all the model options (Tools> Model Options> General, Edit, & Results) using the online help for details on each option.

If you still find the program is providing results that are greater than this 2% difference from your hand calculated values, please perform the following:

a. Open the model who's results do not match your hand calculations

b. Analyze the model

c. Create a full Input model listing report (Tools> Model input listing> check all boxes)

d. Create an Output Report (Results> Output report)

e. Create an APC archive file (File> Model management> Save Archive> check all boxes, press OK)

f. Create a MS Excel file or MathCAD file of your hand calculations using values from AutoPIPE's report. These hand calculations should mention all assumption, refer to exact location of equations used

g. Provide a detailed description with screen shots as required to show exactly where you believe AutoPIPE to be incorrect.

h. Log onto Bentley's website to log a service request, attaching your description, model APC file and Calculations from MS excel or MathCAD.

i. After receiving all the above information the CAE development team will review and provide a comment.

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