Q. Documentation on AutoPIPE's PCF translator

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Where to find documentation on PCF translator?


AutoPIPE's PCF translator is constantly evolving as required to handle PCF files generated by multiple different programs (Smartplant,Cadworks, AutoDesk Inventor, etc..). But where should one look to  find help information about the program. 

PCF translator and higher:

All information about the program has been added into the programs' help command. Just open the program, select Help> Contents> and navigate / search the help as currently done in AutoPIPE. 

PCF translator and lower:

Earlier versions of AutoPIPE's PCF translator installed a complete manual about the application. See the following file and location for more details for the manual:

File name: 


File locations:

a. C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\AutoPIPE Translators

b. C:\Bentley\AutoPIPE Translators\PCF Translator \ 

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