SACS Licensing

Effective April 1, 2023, important changes will be made to the way SACS Fatigue and SACS Marine are licensed. An overview of these changes is provided below.


What is changing? 

With SACS, some licensing has been changed. SACS Fatigue (Fatigue, Fatigue Advanced - Dynamic Response, Fatigue Advanced - Wave Response, Fatigue Ultimate) and SACS Marine modules (Marine, Marine Advanced, Marine Ultimate) have been consolidated into SACS Fatigue Ultimate and SACS Marine Ultimate. Now when any Fatigue or Marine feature is used, SACS Fatigue Ultimate or SACS Marine Ultimate license will be used. 

Current Product 

Consolidated Product 

SACS Fatigue 

SACS Fatigue Ultimate  

SACS Fatigue Advanced – Dynamic Response 

SACS Fatigue Advanced – Wave Response 

SACS Fatigue Ultimate 

SACS Marine 

SACS Marine Ultimate 

SACS Marine Advanced 

SACS Marine Ultimate 


Who is affected by this change? 

All clients with perpetual licenses of any SACS Fatigue or SACS Marine modules under SELECT have been automatically upgraded to the full SACS Fatigue Ultimate and/or SACS Marine Ultimate license. There was no charge for this upgrade.


How does this change affect existing contracts and license entitlements? 

Along with this license consolidation, there was a price adjustment. All users have been upgraded to full SACS Fatigue Ultimate and/or SACS Marine Ultimate licenses, equal to the largest number of any Fatigue or Marine module licenses they owned. There was no charge for this upgrade at the time this change was made; however, please note that the change to licensing a single product rather than individual modules necessitated a change in the way the cost of annual SELECT is determined, which will be reflected in future SELECT invoices, beginning April 2023.


Why is this change being made? 

This consolidation is part of a Bentley initiative to simplify our product portfolio and improve the buying and user experience for our products. The new annual SELECT and Virtuoso subscription prices are better aligned with the subscription prices of the other products in Bentley’s portfolio.


What is the value of this change for SACS users? 

After the consolidation, SACS users will be able to: 


Does this change affect configuration of SACS license usage alerts?  

CONNECT Licensing allows you to set threshold limits to trigger warnings when you are about to overuse a license. You may have already done this for your SACS Fatigue and SACS Marine licenses. The consolidated SACS Fatigue and SACS Marine licenses are associated with the SACS Fatigue Ultimate and SACS Marine Ultimate licenses, so you may need to update your license threshold limits and user entitlements. For more information on how to update these threshold limits in the Subscription Entitlement Service (SES) Entitlement Management center, please see the Communities post below. 

You are strongly advised to do this before installing and running SACS Note that because the quarterly term license fees (the overuse charges) are now based on the full SACS Fatigue Ultimate and SACS Marine Ultimate license price rather than on the old license price for the individual modules, these fees could be significantly larger than in the past. Protect yourself against unintended overuse by properly setting the threshold limits.