Stability Criteria Approach

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How different criteria can be inputted in MAXSURF Stability?


The way we have approached the stability criteria evaluation in MAXSURF is to provide as many of the commonly referenced calculations – e.g. area under GZ curve; value of GZ at … ; angle of … ; etc. – as 'parent criteria'. These calculations have many different, user-configurable parameters. The aim is that these parent criteria cover the vast majority of criteria that are used by certification and class societies around the world.

In addition to the parent criteria, we provide some samples of how these can be applied to specific codes that ship with MAXSURF – e.g. IM IS code, SOLAS, etc. However, the vast majority of class societies do not certify design software and very often the codes are open to some interpretation. For these reasons these are examples only – each user should carefully review the criteria to make sure they agree with our interpretation, and in any case, many of the criteria have model-specific parameters that need to be adjusted. Please refer to the MAXSURF Stability manual for full details on how to copy and modify parent criteria, and the scope of the calculation of each parent criterion.

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