Damage Extents

Product(s):MAXSURF Stability
Area:Damage Stability Analysis


How are the damage scenarios generated? And does the program give consideration for damage extents as prescribed in the relevant rules?


Basically there are 2 steps.
The user can set up what is flooded for each “damage space”
The damage space is a hole in the vessel set by the box defined by zone, vertical and transverse extents – any room which is partially contained within this box would normally be flooded.
This can be set automatically and then updated/modified manually if necessary.

It is also at this step that the you should add any intermediate stages of flooding as new “intermediate damage spaces”

The second step, is that the individual damage conditions are generated by adding the relevant damage spaces – eg if there are 2 adjacent zones you need to flood the rooms that are damaged in both ‘spaces’.
Again this is set up automatically but can be modified.

This is adequately covered in the Maxsurf Stability Manual. However, don't hesitate to get in touch if you need more details.