Export Stability Model to V20

Product(s):MAXSURF Stability


I've got two boat stability models that I want to have exported to v20, so as to provide these to a different organization that has specifically asked if we can export these to v20. Please can you advise if this is possible?


Using the Modeler v23 load the model and export version 20 to a new file name:

export v20

Then in Windows file browser, make a copy of the version 23.hmd file and make the name the same as the exported v20 file from Modeler, but keep the .hmd file extension.
file names

If that doesn't work, then load the v23 file in Stability, and then go to each of the main windows where they have data: Loadcases (each one), Tanks, Key points etc, and do Save As from each -- then in V20 Stability, load in the V20 model file and then load each of the individual files they just saved into the model -- load the Tanks first! then key points, loadcases etc.

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