Surface properties - Hull vs Internal Structure

Product(s):MAXSURF Modeler, MAXSURF Stability


What surfaces are used in stability calculations? 


In Modeler you can choose between two types of surface use:


Hull surfaces are used to define the watertight envelope of the hull.

Internal structure

Internal structure surfaces are used for all other surfaces (any surfaces which do not make up the watertight envelope) and also surfaces which are to be used in Stability to define the boundaries of tanks and compartments that have complex shapes.

The following table describes the difference between each surface use in Stability:

Verify that all surfaces that are to be used as tank/compartment boundaries are defined as Internal Structure. If a surface is defined as internal structure, it is not included as part of the hull shell by Stability, i.e. internal surfaces will be ignored in the forming of hydrostatic sections.

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