E801-6: Zero flexible length beam... message appeared when using AutoPIPE, why?

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The following appears when ever I try to analyze the model:

E801-6: Zero flexible length beam

Why and how to avoid?


Some where in the model is a Zero flexible length beam that has been specified by the user or during the import process. However the warning message does not provide the node point or element location.

Suggest reviewing the entire model paying special attention to any 0.00 values or -ve value for items that should be +ve (ex. Pipe Wall thickness should be >0.00, Bend Radius should be >0.00, etc..). Here are a few methods to try:

1. Create a complete Tools> Model Input listing report and searching it for all 0.00 values. Be sure to review all the pipe properties and beam properties for each entry in the model.

2. Use the input grids go through both Beam and Section Id tabs looking for estrange entries (note, double clicking on column heading will align the grids in chronological order increasing, doing it again orders in decreasing, double clicking top left most cell reorders grid back to normal, very helpful feature). Set grids back to normal order before selecting another tab.

Example: Beam length has a 0.00 or -ve value (ex. -4.0).  

3. Confirm all beam section Id have valid values >0.00 in all the dialog fields (ex. area, inertia, valid E value, Modulus, Poisson Ratio, Density, etc..). Update fields as needed.

4. Try to isolate the issue by assigning all the beams one Section ID to see if the problem goes away. If the warning does not appear after analyzing the model then it was definitely a beam property issue. 

5. Subtract Beam's  Rigid Length - I and / or Rigid Length - J from the total length of the beam, Error dialog will appear if Rigid length totals are the same or greater than the beam's length. If true, increase length of beam or reduce total rigid length.  

A new enhancement (960325) has been logged to indicate the name of the offending beam. If you continue to experience this error message please log a Service Request with Bentley and send in a zipped file that contains an AutoPIPE APC file and screen shots as needed.

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