E732-3: Not enough clearance to fit bend ... Error in AutoPIPE

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Area: Error
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AutoPIPE: E732-3: Not enough clearance

E732-3: Not enough clearance to fit bend A01
Run 'Tools/Model consistency check' command to review
other bends with clearance problems.

Why does this happen and how to fix/avoid it?

TR Number: None
Product: AutoPIPE
Version: n/a
Area: General
Problem ID#: 71682


An elbow/bend point (example: A01) has a bend radius and is comprised of 4 points in the model:

1. Near, A01N

2. Mid, A01M

3. TIP, Tangent Intercept Point, A01

4. Far, A01F

If the next component, ex. A02 (flange, valve, elbow, etc..), occurs at  the same exact point or inside of the distance required to display all bend points then "E732-3: Not enough clearance" error will be displayed.

Avoidance: options to prevent the error.

1. Move the next point (ex. A02) to occur beyond the distance required to display the offending bend point (ex. A01) with all 4 node points.

2. Reduce the bend radius until all the bend points can be displayed (ex. A01N to A01F).

 Note: this behavior may not happen in a model until it is graphically redrawn by the program, example: changing from Solid model view to Single Line view, updating bend data, etc..

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