E516-11: Analysis terminated: model must have more than one point... error message appears in AutoP

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Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group
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Aug 2018


The following appears when trying to run an analysis in AutoPIPE, 

E516-11: Analysis terminated: model must have more than one point

Why and how to avoid?


The reason for this dialog is because the model does not have more than 1 node point. Add more than 1 node point and reanalyze the model 

If there the model shows more than 1 node point, then the database may be corrupted. Suggest using the technique here an attempt to repair the model. Other approaches are:

1. Create a new model with the same General model options as the original affected model. Than IMPORT the affected model into the new model.

2. Use File> Save As> feature and save back 1-2 releases (if mode was v.11.04 save back to 11.00 to 09.06) and then try re-opening the newly saved file in the newer version (ex. v11.04) 

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