E175-28: Error in velocity profile specification

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Area: Erorr
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When entering data into the wave dialog screen the following appears: E175-28: Error in velocity profile specification? why and how to resolve?


First thing to remember with any dialog that is open, the cursor is automatically located in a dialog field. Using the TAB key, you will cycle through the dialog in a predefined order. There are some fileds in a dialog that rely upon previous filed information. Once in a while, if you  are cycling though a dialog, an a error screen may appear alerting the user that there is an error in the value entered in the previous field (i.e. value out of range, no value entered, ect). Select OK, enter another value, and press tab to continue.

With the wave dialog screen, be mindfully of the piping elevation, ocean water - elev., seabed floor (depth), and wave height.

The remainder of the dialog presents a table of fields enabling the user to specify up to five depth points in order to establish a current and marine growth profile. Velocity and growth data are interpolated for depths not included in the table. Each column of this table is described as follows:

Water Depth: 

Enter the water depth relative to the water body surface elevation specified above. The corresponding current and growth data will be assigned to this depth. The 5 depth points should progress in value but not to exceed value entered in previous section of Wave load dialog.

Current Velocity:

Enter the velocity of the current at this depth. Current velocity is extrapolated for wave points above still water level.

Marine Growth:

Enter the amount of marine growth attached to the submerged structure. This value is used to calculate the effective diameter to be used in force calculations. Marine growth is assumed zero above still water level.
The only time the error E175-28 appeared was when the water depth values did not exceed the preceding value. For example, Water depth = 20, 60, 40, 50, 60 (wrong), should have been 20, 30, 40, 50, 60. Remember the water depth is from the surface down to create a profile.

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