E13-16: Cannot Find the specified units file error message in AutoPIPE

Applies To
Version(s):2004, XM, & V8i
Area: Error Message
Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group


The following is displayed when opening a model in AutoPIPE:



E13-16: Cannot Find the specified units file



How to fix this issue?


The problem is that your version of AutoPIPE does not have the same Units file as was last used when the file was last saved. 


Select the Tools> Model options> General command to open the General Model Options dialog screen. Select the drop-down arrow and select a unit file that is available in your version of the program. Shown below:

Typically the Input and Output unit files match. 

Note: If a custom unit file was specified by the last person to have the model opened and you do not have  a copy of it in one of 2 places, then the error message above would appear. Contact the last person to work on this model requesting that the corresponding Unit file be sent to you and copied into the same folder as the model or default AutoPIPE unit file location. Restart AutoPIPE and the new unit file should appear in the drop down listing. 

Prefer to always share / archive models using AutoPIPE APC files. See AutoPIPE help for APC files details. Using these files would help avoid this error message. 

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