How To Enable Environmental Laboratory Testing Grids


The ASTMĀ configuration pack includes a table which can handle the contamination test results from a chemical lab. However, this grid is switched off by default in the ASTMĀ configuration pack (note that it is active by default in the BSĀ configuration pack). This article describes how to enable the grid.


1. Login under an Administrator account.

2. Instead of opening a project go to 'System | Configuration Packs'.

3. Select the 'ASTM - Default' configuration pack. Notice how the button will now enable on the ribbon.

4. Click the 'Manage Model' button.

5. Scroll to the 'Environmental Contaminant Testing' grid, highlight it and click 'Edit'.

6. Towards the top of the screen you will then see a box for the 'Active' status. Mark this and save the changes.

When the project is next opened you'll find that the new grid has been added under the 'Samples and Lab Tests | Environmental' group.