How To add a Watermark for 'DRAFT' to a log


Its often required to show that a log has a status of 'DRAFT' as a Watermark on a log output. If you would like to do this follow the steps below, however please note you will need access to both OpenGround Cloud Professional and Template Studio.


1. Set the Status of the location to "Draft" in the location details grid:

2. Open the template you use in OpenGround Cloud Template Studio

3. Go to Design>Watermark

4. Set the Reference Picklist to Status(Status)

5. Add this expression to the Expression box: if([LocationDetails.Status]='DRAFT',[LocationDetails.Status],'') (Note: those are single quotes at the end of the if statement)

6. Set the Opacity to be as you wish and select OK to save the changes.

7. Save the template in OpenGround Cloud Template Studio and preview in OpenGround Cloud Professional