How To Add Hatch Patterns to New Geologies


If a non-standard Hatch Pattern is used within OpenGround Cloud Professional  then when this is drawn on a borehole log or a section, then the hatch pattern will return as 'Awaiting Image'. The below process will detail how to draw a new Hatch pattern and add this into OpenGround Cloud Professional . The below image and picklist item are not representative of real data.

For more information on the proper sizing of images and behavior of graphic patterns in OpenGround Cloud Professional, please see How Do Material Symbols (Legend Codes) Work.

It is possible to see whether a picklist item has an image by viewing the data in the grid. In the below example, 'Concrete' has an image whereas 'Class 7' does not.

This is then shown on the log as follows;


There are two stages to creating a new hatch pattern for use with OpenGround Cloud Professional; the creation of the pattern and then the importing into OpenGround Cloud  Professional.

Creating the Pattern

Importing into OpenGround Cloud 


The grid within OpenGround Cloud Professional will then show the correct image;

And the log template will also show the correct image;

Further Information

The following details are important to consider when creating a new hatch pattern.