How to move all data from one project to a new one based on a different configuration pack


You may find that a project is created on the wrong configuration pack and as a configuration cannot be changed once the project is setup the only option you have is to move the data to a new project based on the correct configuration pack.


To do this you basically export the data as CSV and import to the new project.

To export the project as CSV

Open the project

Select Data>Export Data

Select '.CSV' as the file type, the file will be created as a '.zip' archive containing all the tables.

Export the data

To then import the data, create your new project based on the correct configuration

Open the project and select Data>Import data

Select 'CSV' as the file format.

Select the option to add the file

Browse to the location that contains the projects '.zip' file

Change the "File Type option to be '.zip'

You should then see the zip file for import.