How to Export table from the model without associated picklists


If a custom field was added to the geology table for example you may want to export that field into another project or into a different Configuration pack.

Previously however when you exported the table from the model it would also export with it all the picklists associated with the table along with the custom field.

This may not be ideal as the picklists might be only specific to that project and will require manual removal once the hbc is imported into the new Configuration Pack or Project.


From the Configuration menu select Manage Components. Select Model as the component type. You will see the checkbox for "include picklists" which is selected by default.

Uncheck this if you want to export without Picklists.

Select the table you wish to export and press Export

When the hbc is imported into the new project it will contain the field but not the picklists associated with the table. (i.e. GeologyCode)

Further Information:

It is also possible to export Trigger Sets without custom picklists and Data Entry Profiles without picklists.

The Trigger Set Export without Picklists will only export the picklists liked to the trigger set and ignore the ones that are not linked. This is only applicable for custom picklist groups created.

Exporting a Data Entry Profile will export the fields but ignore the picklists.