Establish focus in key-in browser in MicroStation XM

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 Environment: N\A
 Area: GUI
 Subarea: Dialogs
 Original Author:Reginald Wallace, Bentley Technical Support Group


In version prior to XM the 'esc' key could be used to get focus in the keyin entry dialog. This is no longer the case in MicroStation XM Edition.

Depending on the tool being used, hitting the esc key causes the focus to go to the tool settings dialog, this occurs whether popset has been enable or disable.

To reproduce
    1. Go to Utilities>Keyin and open the keyin browser
    2. Start a tool such as place line
    3. Select a data point to place line, not select the 'esc' key 2 to 3 times
In previous versions the focus would now be at the keyin browser, but in starting XM it will not.


Go to Workspace>Preferenes and disable the Position Mapping, by unchecking the "Use Position Mapping" option.

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