How to Change fill type using a key-in in batch processor

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 Original Author:Marco Salino, Bentley Technical Support Group


How to Change Fill Type using a key-in so that it can be used in a batch process

This may initially not seem possible as the key-ins "create region
flood" and "change fill" both require to manually select the fill type
via the interface.


The Calculat pre-processor is required in order to change fill type through
a key-in

The following key-in loads the pre-processor and change the fill type:

mdl load calculat; calc tcb->ext_locks.fillMode=1

Where "1" is for "Opaque", "0" is for "None" and "2" is for "Outlined" fill types.

If Calculat is loaded separately, using the "mdl load calculat" key-in,
or at start-up, then the following key-in is required for changing the
active fill type (to opaque in this example):

calc tcb->ext_locks.fillMode=1

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