Registering using Group Policy

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 Original Author:James White, Bentley Technical Support Group


We understand that using a Group Policy (GPO) is the suggested method to automatically register MicroStation XM/v8i, Bentley Map XM/v8i, etc on our workstations.

1) How do we apply the GPO only to those workstation which have an XM/V8i product installed? Eg, should we be testing for a registry key installed program names, directories?

2) After a contract is renewed, will a different authorization code be given? If yes, would you need to recreate and redistribute the GPO with the new authorization code?


Setup a WMI filter to look at a number of different things to decide if it should apply a GPO. One example would be to create a WMI query in the root\CIMv2 namespace like this(SELECT * FROM Win32_ProgramGroup WHERE GroupName = 'Bentley\\MicroStation V8 XM'). This will look for a program group in All Users named
Bentley\Microstation V8 XM

Another option would be to set the query to (SELECT * FROM Win32_Product
WHERE Name='ProjectWise Explorer V8i') where the name should reflect the
name in add remove programs but may not. You can use the script from this site to look at the info for all the products installed on your system.

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