06d. How to model vaporization / boiling of liquid in pipe that causes a pressure wave to travel up

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Version(s):2004, XM, V8i 
Area: Modeling
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Mar. 2015


I have to model a piping system in which the liquid is vaporizing/ boiling. This is causing pressure waves to travel up the line. I have looked through the advanced training notes and advise online but am still confused which is the best way to model this. Can you advise which method to use to model the vaporizing? Is there any tutorials which would help?


The analysis would depend on what kind of loading you are getting from the vapor collapse. If your question is, Can AutoPIPE produce the load data?, then the answer is: No, it can not. AutoPIPE could handle load information if you got it from somewhere else as FTH or harmonic loading, but you will need to have the data before using AutoPIPE to apply it as a load-case to the modeled piping system. Again, the original questions is a fluids analysis problem and AutoPIPE would not be able to offer any solution on producing load data.

We would be glad to help you by looking into the problem in more details if you can produce the load data.

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