Upgrading V7 View Dependent Reference Clip Boundaries To V8

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Product(s):  MicroStation

Version(s):  V8

Original Author: Bentley Technical Support Group

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In Version 7, reference file clip boundaries (and masks) were defined as independent of view rotation - when a view was rotated, the reference file boundary would remain at the same orientation rather than rotating with the geometry. This was often undesirable, as rotating the view would change the visible region within the reference file.

In Version 8, reference clipping boundaries are defined to be relative to the reference file geometry rather than the view in which they are placed, so that the visible region of the reference file is independent of view rotation.

In order to preserve the appearance of Version 7 files that are converted to Version 8, reference attachments that are clipped in Version 7 retain the Version 7 style view dependent clipping.

A tool is available as a keyin REFERENCE CLIP ROTATE ON for upgrading view dependent (V7) clipping to V8's view independent clipping. This tool function as other reference file tools in that the reference attachments to be changed can be chosen from the reference file dialog, through a selection set or selected individually. Note that you can keyin REFERENCE CLIP ROTATE ON ALL to upgrade all references. A datapoint is required to accept the modification - this rotation of the view that this point is entered in is used is also used to determine the fixed location of the clip boundary. After using this tool, the reference file will appear the same in the accepted view, but will be independent of view rotation, so the location of the clip boundary in this view will be shared by views with different view rotation.

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