Keyin to encrypt dgn files

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 Environment: N/A
 Area: Security
 Subarea: Digital Rights
 Original Author:RenZhi Hong, Bentley Technical Support Group








 Keyin to encrypt dgn files


This Keyin  works on MicroStation 2004, MicroStation XM and MicroStation V8i version.

Steps to Accomplish

  1. From MicroStation main menu Workspace>Configuration, choose ‘Protection’ from the Category list on
    the left.
  2. Choose ‘Enable file protection’ from the list on the right, click ‘Edit’ button and input ‘2’ as a
    new value. Press OK and exit.
  3. Keyin: ‘Protect Encrypt Password xxxxxx’ (the password xxxxxx should include numbers and letters, the
    minimum length is 5 by default.)
  4. If protection is no longer required, with the file opened, Keyin: ‘Protect Encrypt Remove’ this
    will remove the encryption.