MicroStation V8 VBA Programming Resources [CS]

This Client Server article is republished in its entirety from 2002 for reference purposes.

By Bentley Technical Support Group
22 July 2002

A variety of resources are available to help MicroStation V8 application developers take advantage of Visual Basic for Application (VBA) objects.

Getting help for MicroStation V8 Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) objects can be a little tricky if you are not familiar with VBA. There are several ways to obtain help using Bentley's VBA API.

MicroStation's V8 VBA Help

The MicroStation V8 Visual Basic for Applications Online Help tool is a comprehensive resource for working in VBA, and should be your first stop. You can launch this tool from Windows without being in MicroStation. Click on the Start button on the Windows desktop and then follow this sequence:

Programs > MicroStation V8 > Documentation > MicroStation V8 VBA

CHM help file can be found at Bentley\Program\MicroStation\MicroStationVBA.chm.

Bentley online help is a great resource for finding descriptions and examples for MicroStation VBA objects, object members and subs/functions.

Microsoft's Object Browser

Another way to find a method for an object is to utilize the Object Browser (Figure 1).

Figure 1: MicroStation V8 VBA Help dialog.
The Microsoft VBA Object Browser offers the ability to search into libraries for related classes and members. For example, if you needed to know how to set the height of a text element, the steps would be:

Select the MicroStation DGN library
Type in part of the member name you are looking for; in this case "height"
Click on the binoculars icon to activate the search.

The results from the search will be displayed in the Search Results list box (Figure 2). In this example the goal is to set the text height of a text element, so the item of interest is the TextStyle class.

Figure 2: The Object Browser dialog.

Using the library search tool can be a fast way to find information and resources while in the VBA editor. It is a quicker method than starting up Online Help and trying to sort all the results you might get from it.

Microsoft's VBA Help

Microsoft's VBA help is also delivered with MicroStation V8 (Bentley\Program\Install\VBA6\release\pFiles\Common\MSShared\Vba\Vba6\1033). If you have questions about VBA in general or Microsoft issues, this is a great first resource.

More Resources

The following are links to some of the many readily available resources on the Web for learning Visual Basic and Visual Basic for Applications programming. These links are only provided for a convenience; copyright laws may limit your use of the material you find.


Gary Radley's VBA Tutor

1001 Tutorials

FindTutorials.com: The eLearning Web site

Karl Moore's VB-World


Microsoft Developers Library

Visual Basic Explorer

Dr. Dobb's DevSearcher, a programmer's search engine:


Microsoft Visual Studio.net code samples


Planet Source Code

VB/VBA Books:

Sams' Teach Yourself Visual Basic 6 in 24 Hours

By Greg M. Perry and Sanjaya Hettihewa

Published by Sams' Publishing

ISBN 0-672-31533-5

VB and VBA in a Nutshell

By Paul Lomax

Published by O'Reilly and Associates

ISBN 1-56592-358-8

Beginning Visual Basic 6 by Peter Wright

Published by Wrox Press

ISBN 1-86100-105-3

Visual BASIC 6 Weekend Crash Course

By Richard Mansfield

Published by John Wiley & Sons

ISBN 0-7645-4679-1

MicroStation On The Web
MicroStation On The Web is a MicroStation V8 feature that connects your use of MicroStation with a variety of Web-based resources. The site provides access to essential information including MicroStation news, tips, and training and some examples. Some VBA examples are currently located on this site.

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