02. How to add Pressure and Hydrotest load cases to a Non-Code combination in AutoPIPE?

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Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group
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Nov. 2016


I can not get the pressure into my calculation report.  I have defined it in the pressure and temperature definition - I need to make a load combination of GR+T1+P1. Additionally I want to have the load case "hydrotest". I need restraint reactions from: P1, Combined GR+T1+P1 and hydrotest.


 First create a Hydrotest case using Load>Hydrotest, and then under Loads> Static Analysis Sets> be sure to check ON: Gravity, Temperature, and "Calculate pressure extension cases, e.g. P1, P2, etc". Now create a 2nd analysis set with only Hydrotest enabled. 

After the analysis sets have been defined, run the analysis and select Tools> Combinations>  non-code comb tab. Note that the GRT1P1 & Hyrotest load case have already been created.

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