3. What Russian codes are certified for use in AutoPIPE?

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What Russian codes are certified for use in AutoPIPE?


Bentley AutoPIPE includes the latest Russian SNIP 2.05.06-85 for design of above and underground Oil and Gas pipelines has successfully been certified as meeting the Russian GOST standard. AutoPIPE has also been GOST certified as compliant with the following Russian standards:

    1. SNIP 2.05.06-85 - Main pipelines (added in v9.4.0 in 2011)
    2. SNIP  2.04.12-86 - Steel pipelines of water supply and the water drain
    3. SP34-116-97 - Designing, construction and reconstruction oil-and-gas pipelines
    4. CA 03-003-07 - Technological pipelines pressure less than 10 MPa
    5. PTM 38.001-94 - Pipelines at pressures greater than 10 to 100 MPa
    6. CH 550-82 - technological pipelines from plastic
    7. BH 39-1.9-005-98 - Sea, coastal pipelines
    8. RD 10-249-98 - pipelines of steam and hot water (ASME B31.1 equivalent)
    9. RD 10-400-01 - pipelines of thermal networks
    10. RD PTM26-01-44-78 - Technological pipelines pressure more than 10 Mpa
    11. 32388-2013 - Process Pipes (ASME B31.3 equivalent) see note #1 at bottom of page

Certifications are available for the following AutoPIPE versions:


1. Certification means that result of analyses in AutoPIPE  is correspond to the GOST 32388-2013” or  “our B31.3 calculations meet the requirements for 32388 and they should feel comfortable using B31.3”

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