forrtl: severe (47): write to READONLY file, unit 72,...

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The following occurs when using AutoPIPE:

How to resolve?


The problem is related to the user permissions on the computer. Per the online help:

Network Considerations:
Network drives are only supported for data files.

If the user does not have the correct user permission, then the above run-time error is displayed.  Use one of the following solutions:

Note: these instructions can be used with any version of the program, screen shots are based on AutoPIPE XM.

Solution #1: Update user to have admin rights on the computer:

Ask your company IT department to update the User to have full admin rights on the computer.

Solution #2: Add Power Users Group to Owners of a folder with Full Control

You can login as an administrator and follow the following steps to allow “Power Users” make use of AutoPIPE application after installation:

1)      Select the properties of AutoPIPE installation folders – C:\Bentley\AutoPIPE

2)      Select the Security tab


3)      Click Add and type “Power Users”

4)      Click check names to pick the fully qualified name of the group (Please note that in the screenshot below I picked local machine “Power Users” group – you can actually pick a domain one if available)

5)      Change the Permissions for Power Users i.e. Select Full Control. 

6)      Click Ok and you are done. Now you can try login as a “Power User” and it should work.

Solution #3: Make a copy of the original installation folder again when logged in as Power User – It will by default set Power Users as one of the owners

 If you are logged in as a “power user” and want to fix it yourself, here is what you can do:

1)      Copy everything in C:\Bentley to say c:\New Folder

2)      Delete C:\Bentley

3)      Rename c:\New Folder to c:\Bentley

4)      Run AutoPIPE and it should work

Solution #4: Run application as an Administrator

Right clicked on the icon in the Start menu and selected 'Run as Administrator' 

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