E527-25: Point not found in selected range... message appears in AutoPIPE, why?

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April 2019


The following appears when importing a model into AutoPIPE:

 E527-25:  Point not found in the selected range

Why and how to avoid it?


When trying to copy a portion of the model, the user must choose a node point that is apart of the selected nodes. If the user tries to select a node point that is NOT apart of the selected nodes the error message above appears. 


At this time, the base point should be part of the selected node points, only select a node point to be a base point if it is colored red during the copy command. Do not select a node point whose text is show as colored black.

There is a known issue with the copy command in AutoPIPE v12.01.00.09 that has been fixed. If you encounter this issue please log a Bentley Service Request mentioning this WIKI page. 

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