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To better understand AutoPIPE's Hanger Selection analysis procedures, please see the following AutoPIPE help section: 

Help > Contents> Search Tab> enter "Design Hanger Selection Procedure" (include the quotes), press List Topics button, double click on the selected topic from the list provided to see more information.

Each method has a clear description of the process including a "FLOW CHART" link on each page. 

Item #0: Perform a spring hanger analysis

Item #1: Load cases used to select a spring hanger

Item #2: Always select a spring instead of a rigid support 

Item #3Hanger design - do we attach a sign to the cold load ie. - or + ?

Item #4: Difference between a HLD and a CLD

Item #5: Hanger Selection was not run for undesigned hanger, instead ONLY Static analysis was performed

Item #6: Difference between Hanger Analysis calculated values and values on the springs dialog

Item #7: Difference between the Hanger Analysis reported values and Static Analysis results

Item #8: Different restraint reactions after disabling Spring Hangers support "Undesigned " option

Item #9: Print Spring Hanger Selection report

Item #10: Consider cut short during Spring Hanger selection

Item #11: Set load variation to a different value than default of 25%

Item #12: Hot load on a spring hanger

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