13. AutoPIPE Stress Isometric customization - support symbol is too big, want it to be smaller

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Area: Stress Isometric
Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group
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Feb. 2016


How to change the scale size of a support symbol displayed on an AutoPIPE Stress Isometric using OPIM?


AutoPIPE 11.03.xx and higher

Create a stress isometric, on the Isometric Manager Options dialog select Settings button in lower left corner of the dialog. On the next Settings dialog, enter a Support Scale factor as needed.

Press OK button 2x to create a stress isometric in order to see how the new scale factor setting affected the drawing.  

AutoPIPE 11.01.xx and lower

Close AutoPIPE

The style.xml file requires an update. It is located in following folder:


The file can be open in any Text editing application (i.e. MS Word, NotePAD, UltraEdit ect..)

After the file is opened, search for the following entry <ScaleFactorSupports>1</ScaleFactorSupports> 

must be changed to <ScaleFactorSupports>0.5</ScaleFactorSupports> or any other desired factor between 0.00 to 1.00 per requirement.

Save the file, close the file, start AutoPIPE,  open/create a model, save a Stress Isometric and confirm the setting works. 

Note: A reoccurring issue has been found in AutoPIPE Connect and lower, the Scalefactor setting above is reset to the original value when trying to create a Stress Isometric. This has been documented under TFS-D439345 and will be fixed in a future version of the application. There is no workaround or avoidance at this time.  


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