20. How to increase / decrease minimum distance between isometric drawing / annotation and actual Bo

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Version(s):10.00 and Higher
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Area: Stress Isometric
Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group
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Nov. 2017


How to increase / decrease minimum distance between isometric drawing / annotation and actual Border when using AutoPIPE?


Notice how the drawing annotation exceeds the border boundary


How to adjust some settings to not allow the drawing annotations to not cross the border lines? 


The issue with the dimensions can be solved be increasing the value for IE_BORDERSIZE (style.cfg)

This setting controls the minimum distance of pipework to the isometric window extent and allows for more workable spec for annotation elements near the isometric window extent.

Step #1:

Close AutoPIPE

Step #2:

The style.cfg file requires an update. It is located in following folder(s):

1. “[InstallationDirectory] \ isoextractor \ projects \ project01 \ stress \ Config \ style.cfg”.

2. [ProgramData] \ Bentley \ [AutoPIPE CONNECT version folder] \ isoextractor \ projects \ project01 \ stress \ Config \ style.cfg.

Note: This style.cfg file is copied from folder #1 to folder #2 when the application is first opened or when profiles are reset.

The file can be open in any Text editing application (i.e. MS Word, NotePAD, UltraEdit ect..)

Step #3:

After the file is opened, search for the following entry  "IE_Bordersize = 20"

the value can be changed to any value between 20 to 80.

Step #4:

Save the file, close the file, start AutoPIPE,  open/create a model, save a Stress Isometric and confirm the setting works. 

Note: Use Tools> Settings> Preference> Reset Defaults button to update folder path #2 above. Also, due to security measures on the folder path #1 above, better to save the file to a temp location (i.e. desktop) and copy / paste it to the designated folder path.

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