"Program has detected disconnect in selected Pipeline which is not supported..." message in AutoPIPE

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Version(s):V8i, CONNECT;
Area: Stress Isometric
Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group
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June. 2016


The following is displayed when creating a Stress Isometric

Bentley AutoPIPE
Program has detected disconnect in selected Pipeline which is not supported. Please select a connected Pipeline for generating Stress Isometric.

How to avoid this from happening?


At this time OPIM is not able to produce a stress isometric that has disconnected segments, Typically resulting from multiple systems in one model or from modeling base supported elbows / tees. 

Question: How do I know if there is disconnected segments in my model?

Answer: Easy, in AutoPIPE press on Select> Connected Segments> 

The following will be displayed:

A stress iso can be created from a single connected group, but cannot be created from a model / selection with 2 or more groups. This is a current limitation of the application and will be fixed in a future version of the application. 

There is one other reason that would cause this dialog above to appear, Tee in model is being processed as a Cross component with a missing leg. This issue has been logged under, TFS-D 668804, and will be fixed in AutoPIPE CONNECT 11.1 Update 1 and higher (note: the workaround below will not resolve this issue. Please log service request and send model for review referencing this WIKI page). 


Select only one group of piping from the above command and on the Stress Isometric Manager Options dialog enable the "use selected range" option.

For base supported Elbows / Tess - 

Option #1:

Again use only one selected set of connected segments as noted above. After generating isometric, manually copy / paste supports symbols to node points as needed. 


Option #2:

Merge table data from one drawing into Isometric with supports from another drawing.

a. Create a Isometric as mentioned above with a selected range.

b. Open isometric drawing and erase everything except the border and table information . 

c. Save the model as another name,

d. Delete each base supported elbow / tee structure 

e. Insert new supports at delete location in previous step, suggest using single V-stop support

f Run Analysis, and create the stress new stress isometric with no table data.

g. Manually copy tables from original isometric and paste to new isometric

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